Visual Pinball Visual Guide

Updated for Release 0.6.2806 Steampump*

This is the beginning of the graphic tutorial for Visual Pinball by cold1 "Demo's" Include work along Table where noted !

*Editor - Learn the Basics of the Visual Pinball Editor. Menu Bar Functions - Importing Images & Sounds.
*Table Options - Ball Color - This explains Table options, importing a ball image & Changing ball color.
*Right Click Options

- Explains All Right Clicking Options for All Objects.

*Building a simple Sling Shot - Learn how to make a slingshot from scratch using a basic wall
*Decals - Explains Decal Options, & shows how to import an image for a decal. Pinball DemoDecal
*Plungers & Kickers - How to use a Plungers & Kickers & a Simple Demo
*Walls & Targets

- Explains Walls & Targets & Pinball Demo1

*Lights Collections - Learn how to use lights in a collection using collection manager. Pinball DemoLights
*Lights & Bumpers - Learning Light & Bumper States & Lights, Bumpers Option Bar. Pinball Demo2
*Gate & Sound Events - Explains Gate options & how to use sound events in keyup & keydown. Pinball Demo2
*TextBox & Making Score count - Shows you how to use TextBoxes & AddScore & Dim Score. Pinball Demo3
*Ramps - Explains Ramp Options & shows you how to build a simple Ramp. Pinball Demo4
*Spinners - Explains Spinner Options & shows script to make a spinner work. Pinball Demo4
*Triggers - Explains Trigger Options & shows script to make a Trigger work. Pinball Demo5
*Timers - Explains Timer Options & shows script to make a Timer work. Pinball Demo6
*Flippers - Explains Flipper Options & shows script to make a Flipper work. Pinball Demo7
*EMReel - Shows you how to use EMReels. Pinball Demo8
*Editing Control points - Shows how to use control points , how to applicate side image on wall and targets (by Steampump) (translation Proginoskes)


German Translation By Gobi - Visual Pinball Guide Translation by Gobi in German.

French tranlation by Steampump (

Demo's - Page of Demo Pinball tables that do various things. & other Beginners Tables

Keycodes - Additional Keycodes reference.

Faq - A somewhat arranged faq on visual pinball copy & pasted together from Shiva's VP forums by Cold1

Nicky Specials Guide for Installing Visual Pinball

Shivaengine.vps - Version 1.7 of a Beginners Table. Its still being upgraded but is a good Starter table to get you used to & I refer to it in this guide. Note:You need to open Shivaengine.vps in a text editor like note pad to edit the script.

Links - Some Pinball Links.

My Tables - See some of the Tables I've created Using Visual Pinball.

Tables List - A list of table up to 1-27-02 some may be doubles because of newer version or VP/VPM versions

This is Still being worked on & updated yet but if you Found Something Wrong? or something needs to be added.

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